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A little early but WHY THE HECK NOT

Will be edited as people are met and stuff happens.

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If you think your character should be on here/I forgot something/got something wrong/etc., let me know! I promise I don't bite!

4th WALL BREAKING: Um, not ICly, please!
THREADJACKING: Sure man, knock yourself out.
BACK THREADING: This is a thing I'm totally groovy with. Feel free to poke me if you want to ask!

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If you have any questions or anything, feel free to poke me!
Player Information:
Name: Girumi
Journal: neurotikerin
Method of Contact: MSN & E-mail: girumiru@hotmail.com || AIM: girumiru || Plurk: girumiru
Previous characters: N/A

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Do you have any complaints with how I portray Seles? Have I gotten a canon fact wrong? Is there a small thing I do that just bugs you? How is my characterization? Dialogue? Internal monologue? Or, heaven forbid, am I actually doing reasonably?! Let me know!

Anon is ON, screening is ON, IP logging is OFF. Please don't hold back!